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Why DreamZz Sleep Center?

Snoring is not normal! Schedule an appointment to address your sleep concerns today.


Put your care in our hands. You can expect detailed information about your symptoms and treatment options from a knowledgeable physician who is fellowship-trained and Sleep Medicine board-certified.

No Hidden Fees

We work closely with insurance companies to make sure you know what your costs will be beforehand. We prioritize building close, trusting relationships with our patients so you will not be caught off guard by any extra costs or fees.

Get Treatment FAST

Some major sleep facilities have waiting periods as long as 3-4 months. At DreamZz we guarantee a consultation and sleep study can be done within 1-2 weeks of your initial call. That means you can expect to start your treatment in less than one month!

How It Works

Step one: Book an Appointment

Book your appointment HERE or click on the button below.

Step two: Create your patient portal

In the email you will receive, follow instructions to create your patient account and complete the questionnaire about your sleep and medical history.

Step three: Consultation with Dr. Mereddy
Both in person and virtual appointments are available.
Step four: Testing
Either a Home Sleep Test or In-Lab Sleep Study will be done. 
Step five: Follow up
A follow-up appointment with Dr. Mereddy to discuss your results and treatment plan. 

Follow-up appointments to measure the success of the treatment and make changes, if necessary, will be scheduled as needed. We are always flexible and adaptable to fix our patients’ scheduling needs!

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