Terms & Conditions

Home Sleep Test Terms and Conditions

You are certifying that you live in the state/territory that you have reported, are 18 years old or older, and ordering the services (including home sleep test and/or sleep consultation) for yourself and nobody else.

You agree to return the home sleep testing equipment to DreamZz Sleep Center in the prepaid return packaging provided, with a postmark of no more than two days after the date you received it. You are responsible for the equipment until the prepaid, pre-labeled return box enters the mail circulation; if it is lost or stolen while in your possession, you are responsible for the full replacement value of $2,500. You agree to return the equipment intact and undamaged; you are responsible for the repair/replacement cost of any damaged/destroyed equipment.

You understand that after you submit your payment information for the order, your card will be charged $195 for the home sleep testing service, which includes the use of the testing device, the scoring of your test data by a physician, the test report that DreamZz Sleep Center provides to you, and the cost of USPS Priority Mail shipping both ways. The results report can only be generated after the test has been returned to us; remote data interpretation is not possible. A $200 hold will also be placed on your credit card in the event that you fail to return the home sleep test within 2 days after it is delivered to you. If you have not placed the test back into the mail circulation, you will then be charged for the $200 hold that was placed on your credit card.

Seven (7) days after the hold is charged, you will be charged $1,800, which is the value of the device ($2,000) minus the $200 hold already charged. If the device is returned to DreamZz Sleep Center after the $200 hold or the replacement fee have been charged, and the device is found to be in good working condition, the $2,500 replacement fee will be refunded minus $25 per day since the $200 hold was charged. *Note: the replacement fee will only be refunded for up to seven (7) days after it was charged. After that, DreamZz Sleep Center must order replacement units at a cost of $2,500 each, so no refund will be given after that time.

If you return testing unit to DreamZz Sleep Center missing any components (e.g. oxygen sensor, and chest belt if one usable chest belt used, etc.), you will immediately be charged for the replacement value of the component. If you return the component to DreamZz Sleep Center, the replacement charge will be refunded, minus $25 per day from the day the charge is incurred until the day DreamZz receives the returned item.

If you  return the testing device to DreamZz with either no data or insufficient data for interpretation, you will have the option to either pay $30 for a second test to be sent to you, or receive a refund of the testing fee already paid, minus $30 for shipping and handling costs.

You understand that if you cancel home sleep test order after it has already been shipped to you, you will receive a refund of the $195 fee, minus $30 for shipping and handling, for a total of $165. No late fees will be refunded, even if the test was unused.

If a test is three or more days late in being returned, no refunds will be given for an unused test or insufficient test data.

You agree to discuss with your primary care provider regarding your home sleep test results and to get a prescription for DME, and referrals to sleep lab, dentists, ENT physicians, and sleep specialists, if needed.

You agree that home sleep test can result in false negative results.

If you are not diagnosed with sleep apnea on home sleep test, and if you continue to have sleep related symptoms, consider discussing with your primary care physician for further diagnostic testing and treatment.

You are agreeing to use DreamZz Sleep Center recommended-devices and you are allowing board certified physicians from DreamZz to review and interpret your sleep study data.

You agree to consult your primary care physician and lawyer to share the sleep study results and sleep consultation report to employment services for legal protection.

Results and recommendations provided by DreamZz are educational and informational only. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your primary care physician and other providers involved in your medical care for further diagnosis and treatment.

You must agree to our Terms and Conditions to use DreamZz Home Test services.

You are accepting DreamZz Terms and Conditions by placing an order on this website.

DreamZz can stop providing all or some services without prior notice to users at our discretion.

Prescription Policy:

A prescription is required for CPAP, BiPAP, Auto CPAP, Auto BiPAP, and few EPAP devices. Prescription is not necessary for a few EPAP devices, CPAP cleaners and mask parts such as headgear and cushions. Standardized prescriptions for EPAP devices such as Bongo Rx and Provent are available on our website. The prescription form should be signed by an authorized health care provider, such as your primary care physician.

If you are a resident of Washington and Oregon states, DreamZz can provide a consultation, and prescribe CPAP or CPAP alternatives.

Returns & Exchange policy:

For returns or exchanges, you must contact DreamZz Sleep Center, and submit completed return & exchange form. Once your return & exchange is approved, you can return the product. All refunds are issued to the original payment account.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping and tracking costs unless you received an incorrect item or damaged item. Obtain a receipt and tracking information from carrier to track the returned item. DreamZz is not responsible for the items lost in shipping.

If you receive an incorrect item because of the DreamZz Sleep Center’s error, we will replace the item to you without any cost. Please contact US Tele Sleep in 4 weeks for replacement after you receive the item.

We make sure that you receive all products in original, undamaged and working condition. If you receive a damaged product, it will be replaced without additional cost to you. You have to return the damaged product within two weeks after you receive. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for the return.

Majority of the items are covered under standard manufacturer warranty. The warranty period is variable depending on the product and manufacturing company. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty information. If you notice that your purchased item is defective or malfunctioning within the warranty period, contact DreamZz to replace or repair the product.

If you order an item by mistake, you may return the item within two weeks in original manufacturer’s unopened packaging. After the returned item is received in original unopened packaging and inspected, a complete refund minus 15% restocking fee will be approved.

If the manufacturer’s seal is broken, or if there is any evidence of usage, items are considered used. We do not accept used items because of safety reasons and regulations.